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Is SSL Still Safe?

12 Sep 2011Chris Fairey
SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the technology that protects everything from your online banking activities, to all your purchases on Amazon or the iTunes store has come under fire recently thanks to the actions of a small group of individuals who claim to have broken into the servers that issue the certificates that websites use to […]

Why Small Businesses Need Security Policies

06 Apr 2011Chris Fairey
You may see the title of this post, and think that you may be too small to think or worry about security policies, however, they can be an extremely useful tool to remind you of things you should consider whenever you are using your computer systems.

Reasons to Control USB

04 Apr 2011Chris Fairey
Your business could have invested in state-of-the-art firewalls, anti-virus software and connect all your remote users via VPNs, but if you fail to control the use of removable storage devices, you could be exposing your data to unnecessary risks.

Top Security Oversights in Small Businesses

16 Mar 2011Chris Fairey
This blog post aims to highlight the top security issues we encounter when asked to perform security tests, or just stopping by for meetings, in the case of WiFi issues.


01 Mar 2011Chris Fairey
Welcome to the DigiPest Blog, this blog will be used to provide details about security issues that we feel important to disclose to our customers. It will also be used to provide advice and information.
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