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York City of SanctuaryData Protection Policy

Client: York City of Sanctuary

Sector: Local Charity/Non-profit Organisation

Category: Data Protection/Policy Development


York City of Sanctuary approached us for assistance in the development of a set of policy documents that would help them in their quest for compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Our first initial meeting helped them to determine the exact areas of the Data Protection Act that their activities came under, and gave us the basis to use a pre-existing policy template or develop a bespoke policy, should this be more beneficial.

Following the initial discussion, it was decided to utilise pre-existing policy templates, specifically targeted at non-profit organisations, making any minor amendments that the management committee deemed were necessary, to provide them with the wording and coverage that they needed.

After we successfully adapted the policy template to include provisions for the unique classifications of data that York City of Sanctuary handles, we submitted a draft of the document to the management committee for approval.

Once approval had been granted, we branded the policy documents with the York City of Sanctuary logo and submitted the final version.

A Note on The Use of Pre-existing Policies

Given the non-profit nature of York City of Sanctuary, it was deemed appropriate to utilise an existing policy template, targeted at non-profit organisations, as the basis for their final policy documents.

This decision was made, in part to eliminate the costs associated with the creation and subsequent verification of a bespoke policy, to enable us to provide them with the documentation they needed, within their limited budget.