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Systems Migration

Looking to migrate from either Windows Small Business Server or earlier versions of Windows Server? DigiPest has helped many businesses plan and execute full systems migrations, providing assistance at every stage of the migration process, to ensure your end users experience a hassle free transition.

G Suite/Office 365 Deployment

Looking to deploy either G Suite (formally Google Apps) or Office 365, but worried about downtime or losing e-mails? DigiPest has helped several companies and freelancers deploy both solutions while ensuring that no data is lost (and no e-mails missed).

Software Development

Have a problem that can’t be solved by currently available commercial or open source software? DigiPest’s range of experience in developing web, desktop, and mobile applications could be the answer. Whatever your requirements, we will be able to work with you to develop a solution to meet them.

Private Cloud Deployment

Want more control over your organisation’s data than services such as Dropbox give you? DigiPest can help you bring such services in-house, reducing your monthly overheads and ensuring you know exactly where your sensitive data is being held.

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