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Security AwarenessTraining

Your Staff Are On The Front Line

Security awareness training can help turn one of your weaknesses into your greatest strength. An educated workforce is far less likely to fall victim to the majority of cyber attacks, and will vastly increase the confidence of your customers.

You may have the best anti virus solution and firewalls money can buy, but these do little to protect you against modern cyber attacks, which often target the weakest part of your entire security system: the people who use your IT systems.

Give Them The Skills To Protect You

You may think it is impossible to teach people what a cyber attack looks like. However, when given enough exposure to the types of attacks your organisation faces, your staff actually become better at protecting you from them.

In much the same way that vaccinations help your immune system fight off infections, security awareness training can help your staff fight off the people who wish to do steal your sensitive data.

Security Awareness Training can:

  • Help staff understand security policies
  • Teach staff about new security threats
  • Help staff understand their legal responsibilities

Give your staff the best chance to protect you. Our Security Awareness Training starts at £250.

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