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Our vision is to provide small businesses with the peace of mind that their computer systems and website are safe from individuals who may wish to cause damage to sensitive and irreplaceable data, as well as cause customers whose data they steal to question your integrity.

The founder of DigiPest, Chris Fairey, has noticed in his years providing advice to small businesses, that many of them do not realise that the money they have spent on security technologies such as AntiVirus and Firewalls, is completely wasted unless you test that these systems actually protect what your business cares about most, it's sensitive data.

We therefore offer a range of services to cover both your company's computers/servers and also to ensure that your website or web applications are as secure as possible. More information can be found on our Services page.


Chris FaireyChris Fairey

Chris has a long-standing interest in Information Security and discovered that many small businesses do not have their networks or websites tested because they are afraid that it will cost too much.

He also has extensive experience in software development and network and system administration, and uses the knowledge and skills gained through years of providing IT support, to assist clients in a wide range of issues.
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