Cyber Security

Cyber security remains one of the largest pain points for small businesses. With many unsure exactly how to protect themselves from the ever increasing number of threats.

Our range of services will help you identify any issues that could be putting you at risk, put plans in place to resolve them, while also making sure that people have processes to follow should the worst happen, and support you in the long term to ensure you stay protected.

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

The first step to solving cyber security issues, is identifying them. A vulnerability assessment will scan your networks, servers and website to find any potential issues, and provide detailed information on how serious they are.

Using this information, a penetration test would then determine if any of the identified vulnerabilities could actually be exploited in your environment and if so, demonstrate the impact that would have on your business.

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Security Policies

Ensuring you have documented procedures can go a long way to mitigating the risk of a security incident. They can also be essential to demonstrate PCI and GDPR compliance.

These are just some of the areas DigiPest has helped organisations tackle their cyber security challenges. To see how we can help you solve your current cyber security challenges

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