Penetration Testing

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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is the process of evaluating applications and/or networks for security issues by adopting the role of either an outside attacker, or an employee, and attempting to discover and then exploit weaknesses in your IT systems.

Website Testing

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Your website is the most valuable marketing tool you own. This also makes it the prime target of individuals looking to do damage to your reputation.

If it's there, someone will find it

Our website testing services aim to help you identify any problems that might lead to significant damage to your organisation, allowing you to correct or mitigate them before the worst happens. These could include:

  • Out of date software with known vulnerabilities/exploits
  • Sensitive data that can be accessed publicly
  • Improper handling of user-supplied data
  • ...and many more

Network Testing

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If your website is the public face of your organisation. Your office network is the skeleton that makes your business function. It connects everyone in your organisation together and grants them access to things you would probably like to stay private.

Having regular penetration tests performed of your internal network can sometimes be a compliance requirement for conducting certain activities, and ensures all your security solutions are working as intended and identify:

  • Improper network device configurations
  • Gaps in staff security awareness
  • Rogue devices (staff-owned wireless access points, etc.)
  • Improper access control configurations
  • ...and much more
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