IT Support

IT issues stressing you out and stopping you from getting work done? - we can help!

We'll keep all your systems up to date, and monitor them for potential issues, many times resolving any that occur without you even knowing.

In the event that a serious issue is identified, we'll inform you and work out the most convenient time to resolve it, attempting to minimise disruption as much as possible. Once agreed, we'll work with your suppliers, and their standard diagnostics, leaving you free to continue working.

Cloud-backed Managed Backups Included

As an IT support client, you will benefit from best in class managed backup and recovery, that can be configured to copy vital data to a dedicated cloud storage bucket, in addition to providing support for local backups to removable storage devices.

MSP360s backup software also supports client-side data encryption so your important data is secured before it is stored in the cloud.

Endpoint Protection (Anti-Virus) + E-mail Security

Phishing and ransomware remain significant threats to businesses of all sizes. Our IT support clients benefit from included endpoint device anti-virus, along with robust e-mail security.

In addition to that, phishing simulations help to train your staff to spot a wide variety of phishing e-mails, so they can better protect both themselves and your business.

support for 1 user
Unlimited remote monitoring and support
Endpoint protection
E-mail security
Microsoft 365/Google Workspace backup
Security Awareness Training
Password Management Solution

£45 monthly + VAT
Basic + Microsoft 365 License
everything in the Basic plan, plus
Microsoft 365 Business Standard license and support

£60 monthly + VAT

The above are representative examples only, we will tailor the support package to your business' exact needs, upon request for a quotation. Annual payment options are available.

We take the pain out of IT and Cyber Security

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