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02 Apr 2015Chris Fairey

It's taken nearly 6 months of work, but the new and improved DigiPest website is finally live.

Security Is An Afterthought

IT security has been a passion of mine for a long time, the problem is figuring out how best to channel that passion into something that small businesses are willing to buy into.

Although companies understand the basics (anti virus, firewalls, etc.) getting them to see the value in the more rigorous security solutions like penetration testing, security awareness training, etc. has been a significant challenge.

Many small businesses fail to see the value in paying an organisation to pro-actively test how secure they actually are, because they always believe that they'll never be the target of a cyber attack.

No matter how many times I have tried to explain that they're at as much risk as the big companies (who are suffering security breaches every month), it has rarely made any difference.

Change Is Good

Towards the end of 2014, I came to the realisation that the vast majority of the work we had been doing since we were founded in 2011 wasn't strictly IT security related. In fact, we've been asked to do everything from server migrations to website development and bespoke applications.

Now, this doesn't mean that DigiPest is suddenly going to stop providing IT security services to those who want them, just that we're no longer going to rely on it as our primary source of income.

This new website design was selected to enable us to gradually start introducing new products and services, while keeping our existing content within easy reach.

Over the next few weeks, new entries will start appearing in the navigation bar, detailing the wider range of services that we offer. These will include:


[item]Web Development[/item]

[item]Website Migration[/item]

[item]Software Development[/item]

[item]Network Setup/Migration[/item]

[item]Open Source Consultancy[/item]


Monthly Q&As

Another first for us, we're going to start planning for a series of monthly Q&A sessions, hosted on either YouTube or Google Hangouts, where we will aim to answer any questions you have about how to make technology work better for your business.

The exact format of these sessions is still being worked out, and more details will be made available before the first session takes place, but we feel this could be a valuable service we can offer to help small businesses navigate the confusing world of technology.

Of course, these won't succeed without input from you, so please follow us on Twitter: @digipest and/or like our Facebook page for more information.

DigiPest Is Doing YouTube!?

Yes, as part of our re-branding as a technology consultancy firm we're going to start posting videos to our YouTube channel, which we hope will fill a small gap we've uncovered in the YouTube technology video market: a channel aimed at helping small businesses do more with the technology that's out there.

Once we've got the rest of the new website up and running, we'll start posting videos to our YouTube channel covering a few of the things we've been asked to help with over the years, so subscribe now and you'll know when the first one is live.

Here's To A New Beginning

We're hopeful that the changes that are being implemented will position us for success, but we can't do any of our more ambitious projects without support from you, so we would really appreciate it if you could share this post with friends or family who might be struggling to tame the technology that they use.

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