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Arm your staff with the knowledge they need to identify potential threats to your business, and stop them before it’s too late.

Spending your limited IT budget on state of the art security solutions is pointless if an attacker can trick your staff into granting them access to their workstations. Properly educated staff will make it much harder for an attack to succeed, and force the cyber criminals to move on to less well-protected targets.

Security policies form the framework onto which all your other security solutions and services fit. They define the most critical areas of your infrastructure, the classifications of data that you handle, who is responsible for compliance with your legal obligations, and what your employees should do in the event of a security incident.

Once you have this framework in place, ensuring you have the skills and technology to implement it becomes easy, and makes the process of budgeting a lot more straightforward.

Paying someone to actively try and compromise your organisation may seem like a huge risk, but the risks of doing nothing are much higher.

Regularly verifying the state of your organisation’s security through penetration testing gives you the confidence that your customer data is safe, and that you are able to deal with any potential security issues.

The the two biggest web application security issues, SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) can cause major problems if they aren’t corrected before an application launches.

A full-scale code review can help you find these issues and make sure they don’t cause any problems to your application.