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Be Wary of Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Scams

20 Dec 2013Chris Fairey
As people scramble to find those last-minute gifts for their loved ones, cyber criminals are likely to attempt some sophisticated, wide-reaching scams in an attempt to part desperate shoppers from their money.

Apple OS X 'Developer Mode' Hoax

18 Dec 2013Chris Fairey
We have recently (within the last couple of hours) been alerted to a set of instructions that appear to be circulating on parts of the Internet telling people how to supposedly enable 'Developer Mode' OS X.

Re-Claim Your Data (Part 1: Run Your Own Storage Cloud)

12 Oct 2013Chris Fairey
In this first of a series of posts about re-claiming your private data from 'the cloud' I will explore how you can achieve all the functionality of services like Dropbox, while ensuring you know exactly where your data is.

The Adobe Hack & Why I Think It Happened

04 Oct 2013Chris Fairey
On October 3rd 2013 Adobe (the world's largest supplier of software and services for the design and media industries) discovered unauthorised access had been made to their systems, leading to the compromise of some 2.9 million user accounts (including encrypted credit/debit card details) and the source code for their web application server - Cold Fusion. Update […]

Apple's iCloud Keychain - Should You Use It?

19 Sep 2013Chris Fairey
Apple announced an interesting feature they are adding to the latest version of OS X and iOS at their World Wide Developer Conference this year: iCloud Keychain. Now that iOS 7 is out, I thought I would give you my opinion as to why you should probably not use it. Edit (19/09/2013 13:01): iCloud Keychain is […]
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